Lincoln County is strategically located in the heart of active solar development within a multi-state region.

Lincoln County is a gateway to existing electrical demand centers in Las Vegas and Southern California.

The Board of Lincoln County Commissioners, through the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority (LCRDA) is actively seeking utility-scale investments in solar energy development in Lincoln County, Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has designated a 25,069 acre solar energy zone (SEZ) within Lincoln County’s Dry Lake Valley.

The BLM intends that permitting and development of utility-scale solar energy projects would be expedited within the SEZ. The Dry Lake Valley North SEZ is immediately adjacent to the NV Energy 500kV transmission line and is very proximate to the Lincoln County Power District’s #1 69kV transmission line.

In addition, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is proposing to construct a 238kV transmission line adjacent to the SEZ. Each of these existing and planned transmission lines access the NV Energy system in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Vidler Water Company owns a 600 plus-acre site which is surrounded on three sides by the Dry Lake Valley North SEZ. Vidler is very interested in working with utility-scale solar developers to make this unique private land site available for solar development.

In addition, Coyote Springs Investments has in excess of 8,000 acres private land available for utility-scale solar development along U.S. Highway 93 in southern Lincoln County. This site is also adjacent to both the existing NV Energy 500kV and Lincoln County Power District #1 (LCPD#1) 69kV transmission lines and the proposed SNWA 238kV line.

Further opportunity for utility-scale solar development can be found in a 2,000 acre Lincoln Business Center private land site located near Rachel in western Lincoln County. This site is proximate to an existing LCPD#1 69kV line which has been permitted for expansion to 138kV.

Lincoln County has some of the highest solar energy potential in the nation.

Nevada is already the number one state in per capita solar energy production. Thousands of acres of land in Lincoln County are within immediate proximity of existing/permitted/proposed transmission lines and are classified as having high solar energy production potential.