Local Services

Lincoln County offers a wide range of services providing for the well-being of its residents.

Arts, culture, and volunteer groups, as well as churches, service clubs, libraries, and museums add to the social fabric of the communities. A local bank and credit unions provide important financial services. Government centers assist citizens through a variety of offices and departments, including building and planning, human service, public health, roads, utilities, and solid waste. Wonderful recreation amenities include local parks, state parks, a sporting complex, and trail systems. Power and water districts and the local telephone company provide high-quality utility services to residents. The local newspaper has been publishing for over 150 years and is still going strong. Local real estate agents are available to assist with property needs. Dining options are available throughout the county, including historic cafes and new food and beverage outlets. Local retailers include grocery, gift shops, hardware, auto parts, pharmacies, sporting goods, spirits, variety stores, and convenience shops.