Doing Business

Lincoln County is a pro-business community strategically situated in southeastern Nevada. The county offers business-friendly laws, no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, affordable workers’ compensation rates and much more.

Lincoln County’s business friendly environment can assist firms plagued by heavy taxes, escalating payroll costs, excessive regulations, and skyrocketing real estate prices to achieve success. Plus, Nevada Right to Work laws offer comparative advantages to firms locating in Lincoln County.

Key industries in Lincoln County include agriculture, healthcare, outdoor recreation, small business, and public sector employment in education, local government, law enforcement, and transportation.

New opportunities are emerging in exciting industries, including solar and biomass. Additionally, Lincoln County is poised to increase productivity in the industrial sector with two designated industrial parks under development.

Lincoln County is an ideal place for remote workers. The county offers high-speed Internet with plenty of bandwidth to meet business needs. Affordable real estate, family-friendly communities, and amazing outdoor recreation provides a fantastic backdrop for a remote work setting.

Relocation Incentives

Lincoln County, Nevada is an optimal place to relocate or expand your business.

Key Industries

Key industries in Lincoln County include the public sector, agriculture, and services.


The county is prime for solar, biomass, outdoor, and industrial opportunities.

Remote Work

Lincoln County is an ideal option for setting up shop for remote work.