According to the 2020 Census, Lincoln County has a population of 4,499.

Around 20 percent of the population are under 18 and 25 percent are 65 or older. Veterans make up nearly nine percent of the population. The county has around 2,800 housing units with 75 percent of them owner-occupied. The median value of homes between 2015-2019 was $140,900, with a median mortgage cost of $1,104 and a without-mortgage cost of $376 per month. Median rent in Lincoln county is a little over $600.

The county averages 2.3 people per household.

Over 83 percent of homes have a computer and 76 percent have a broadband subscription. Over 86 percent of county residents who are 25 or older are high school graduates, and almost 20 percent at least hold a bachelor’s degree. Over 44 percent of those 16 and older are in the civilian workforce.

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